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Auto Air Filters

Auto air filters for the air inside the passenger compartment help keep the air clean of contaminants that effect the people in the car. Car air filters remove particulates and fumes found in smog and along roads and streets. Auto air cleaners & filters are especially important for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. Auto air conditioning HEPA filters may be the answer for you, especially if you live in hot humid areas and need help removing molds that are more common in those locations. Look for auto air conditioner filters at car dealers, air conditioning stores, and online.

Have you ever considered the air that comes into your car when you drive? One study says that the air inside our cars is up to ten times more polluted than air outside, especially if you are riding behind a big diesel truck or bus. This air is most likely polluted with carbon monoxide, car exhaust, pollen, dirt, and other contaminants found in smog. If you drive a great deal or spend a great deal of time in a car riding, you may find that you suffer from a runny nose or other allergy symptoms while you are in your car.

Is there anything that you can do about it? Yes. You have several options to help clean the air that comes into your car when you drive. There are auto air filters available that you can use to help clean the particulates out of the air in your car. This is especially helpful if you are an asthma or allergy sufferer who is very sensitive to many different allergens, as using this air filter can help to prevent an allergy or asthma attack.

One kind of car air filters that is available plugs directly into the cigarette lighter. This little air purifier can help to remove substances from the air when you are riding or driving in your car. Many of these little automobile air filters also have a deodorizer in them to help your car smell better. Adding fragrance in air conditioner filters can help those little smells that an air purifier filter alone cannot get rid of, but it can also aggravate problems for scent-sensitive people. This is great if you are a smoker or if you travel with animals frequently because it can keep your car smelling clean and fresh. Some of these tiny car air purifiers are also available with an optional adapter to use them in the home also.

Portable auto air filter systems are also available. These small air filters can fit easily into a seat in your car to help remove those particulates that are brought into your auto by the air conditioning or heating system, or just through the vents. Some of these air filters use an electrical charge to draw particles into the air filter so that they can be captured more efficiently. They help to attract dust, pollen, and other particulates to the air purifier so that the filter can capture them. When you aren't driving they can be used in your home or while traveling. It is even possible to find auto air conditioning HEPA filters which are great for people who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Many of the auto air cleaners and filters come with handy features to make them easier to use and more functional for use in the car. These features include built-in flashlights, fans, and deodorizing filters. Some of these handy auto air conditioner filters can even be used with essential oils for that aromatherapy experience. Consider the use of these features when choosing your car air filters so that you can get the maximum value for your money.

Not all of the automobile air filters systems are alike. There are many different kinds of air filters that filter out different amounts of particulates from the air. This is why it is important for you, as a consumer, to research you choices and to learn as much as possible about the different car air filters that are available. Only then can you make a well-informed decision that you will be satisfied with for a long time.