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Furnace Filters

Furnace filters not only help your furnace operate more efficiently, saving heating fuel, but they also help clean the indoor air that gets filled with pollutants and particulates. Furnace filters can be purchased at a wide range of stores, unless you are using an electrostatic furnace filter, in which case you will have to buy them at limited, special stores. Paper furnace filters are the least expensive, and consequently don't do as much to clean the air. If you have an air conditioner running from the same equipment as your furnace, you need HVAC air filters. Home heating, or furnace, air filters are especially important since during the heating season people tend to spend more time indoors, and the air gets more stagnant so needs more cleaning. Be sure to keep a supply of home furnace air filters on hand for regular changing.

Furnace filters are a very important part of keeping your furnace running efficiently. Although it may be very easy to forget about your furnace filter because it is out of sight, it is important to regularly change out your filter to make sure that your furnace keeps you as warm as possible. You may think that all furnace filters are alike, but there are differences in what the filters can do for you and your home. Buying the right HVAC air filters can mean the difference between you having heat or not, as well as having possible significant health impacts.

You first need to determine what you want the furnace air filters to do. If you or a member of your family has allergies or asthma then you will want a filter that will filter out the contaminants that trigger your allergy or asthma symptoms. These contaminants can include dust, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, second hand smoke particles, and other allergens. It is important to find a filter that can capture as many of the pollutants as possible to help keep your entire family healthy.

The types of filters vary also. The main types are electrostatic furnace filters, disposable fiberglass filters, and pleated filters. The electrostatic furnace filters are usually reusable, which means that you can clean them and use them again rather than having to dispose of them when they are clogged with dirt and pollutants. One of the great benefits of electrostatic furnace filters is that they attract the pollutants, but there are still only able to capture up to 15 to 20% of the pollutants. The disposable fiberglass filters are at the low end of the spectrum. They may cost much less, but they are not able to rid the air of smaller particulates like pollen and mold. The pleated paper furnace filters are a wonderful choice if you need to remove allergens and contaminants for health reasons as the larger surface area and pleats remove up to 50% of the contaminants.

If you and your family are healthy and do not have problems with allergies or asthma then you can purchase the best filter for your budget. However, if you do have allergies or asthma then you will want to purchase the best filter possible to help cut down on medical costs and breathing problems.

It is important to regularly change your furnace air filter. Set a regular day that you change it and write it on your calendar to make sure that you change it. This simple task can save you money in electricity, furnace costs, and health costs. If you suffer from allergies or asthma it is especially important to be diligent about replacing your home furnace air filters. Make sure that you always have an extra furnace air filter on hand so that you will not be caught without one. The simple task of keeping your furnace clean and free of contaminants can impact your home and your family in more ways than you can imagine.