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HEPA Air Filters

HEPA air filters are considered the best choice for people who want good air quality. Before you buy, compare electronic air cleaner and HEPA filters; the difference may be important to you. You can use articles on consumer reports about HEPA air filters online and with the EPA.

Are you an asthma or allergy sufferer? What kind of home air filter do you have? Your choice of heating or central air conditioning air filters can make a difference in your allergy symptoms or asthma attacks. What kind of home air filter should you choose? HEPA air filters are the best choice if you or a member of your family suffers from allergies or asthma.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) air filters were first introduced during World War II. They were used to trap radioactive particulate contaminants in laboratories where they were working on the atomic bomb. Of course, the first HEPA air filters were considerably larger than the ones that are available today, and they had a bigger job to do too. They have been used for years in healthcare settings because they are considered an "absolute" filter that can filter out bacteria and other pathogens that are in the air. Consumer reports HEPA air filters are the best in removing hard to remove mold and bacteria from the air that you breathe.

What kind of particulates can a HEPA air purifier filters take out of your air? Dust, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses are just a sampling of the contaminants that these air filters HEPA can remove from your air. That is why they are so often recommended for use for homes with family members who have allergies or allergic induced asthma, as well as other health conditions including a diminished immune system. HEPA air filters claim to remove 99.997% of contaminants from your air that pass through the filter. The air filter needs to fit the area snugly to ensure that the air does not go around the HEPA air filter.

HEPA air filters are different in their look. They do not resemble a screen or a colander. Rather they are a closely bunched of group of fibers. This maze of fibers traps particulates as the air moves through the air HEPA filters.

If you need to compare electronic air cleaner and HEPA filters, you will find that the HEPA air filters are much more efficient than the electronic air cleaners at removing smaller particulates from the air. The removal of particulates and pollutants produces good air quality.

They are used in industrial settings to remove contaminants from the air as well. Industrial HEPA air filters are suggested by the U.S. government to protect against biological attack through heating and air conditioning systems in businesses, government offices, and other buildings. With their great efficiency at removing many different kinds of allergens, pathogens, and contaminants it is a choice that many consumers are turning to for their air filter needs.

Your family is your most important asset. If you can help them to have fewer allergy symptoms, asthma attacks, or other respiratory problems, why would you not try a HEPA air filter for your home? They are readily available at home improvement stores so you should be able to find one easily for your home use. If you want an air filter that can help remove virtually all pollutants from the air that you breathe, then you will want to consider a HEPA air filter for your home.