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Indoor Air Quality Testing

With the tight buildings for energy efficiency we have these days, indoor air quality is suffering along with the people occupying the buildings. Indoor air quality testing will allow you to find out what is polluting your air and take actions to clean the air. Don't forget indoor air quality testing for mold while you are testing for pollutants and particulates. An air purifier with air filter can help maintain good air quality.

Indoor air quality testing is useful for testing the air for impurities. The testing process will help you to determine what is in the air from pollutants such as gases to toxic chemical fumes. It will give you the information you need to react to the pollutants and improve the air quality. Testing should be done in homes, businesses, and office buildings. The use of air filters and/or air purifiers will help maintain good indoor air quality.

The benefits of testing air are obvious. When you test the quality of indoor air, you can determine if it is safe for people. When testing is done in a commercial setting, not only will you safeguard the building's occupants, but also you will meet federal guidelines. It's surprising how polluted air can get, and how easy it can be to resolve the situation.

One of the most common pollutants in the home setting is mold because humidity levels tend to be high with showers, dishes, and laundry adding humidity to the enclosed space. The best way to control the ability for mold to grow in your home is to keep the moisture levels in your home as low as possible. Mold is an under-recognized biological pollutant that can make some people very sick. What you need to do is to perform indoor air quality testing for mold. Testing kits can be purchased specifically for mold; you can take the samples and send them to a lab for testing. Although there are many types of mold, testing can help to determine what types and as how much is present. In many cases, professionals will need to be called in to get rid of mold. A rule of thumb when it comes to mold is that if you see it or smell a musky odor, then you likely have a problem and will need to clean it up.

Note: the use of bleach to kill mold works at killing it, but not at removing it; dead mold is as dangerous to humans as live mold is. The desired goal is to remove it completely. An oxygen bleach can be effective in cleaning mold out.

Indoor air quality can be determined through testing. But, even if you do test, this does not solve your problem. It is safe to say that most buildings in the US will benefit from the installation of a quality air purification and/or filtration system. The system will help filter the pollutants commonly found in the air. By removing them from the air, people’s health can improve.

While indoor air quality testing can help to determine the levels of pollutants in the air, taking action to rid the home of them is essential for improving health and productivity.