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Industrial HEPA Air Filters

HEPA air filters in industrial settings are often more out of your individual control than HEPA air filters you use at home, But at the same time, industrial HEPA air filters are as important because of the increased potential for contaminants and pollutants in the air in industrial settings. HEPA air filters are available in a wide variety of sizes for numerous applications. Your air quality is important to your health and HEPA filters can help create clean air for you to breathe at home and work.

Have you ever thought about the air that you breathe at work? Depending upon the nature of the business that you are in, it is possible that the air that you breathe while at work is worse than the air that you breathe outside. Breathing this dirty air can be dangerous to your health and can cost the company money in lost work and insurance costs. This is why many companies are turning to industrial HEPA air filters to help make the air cleaner for their employees.

HEPA air filters industrial grade have been used for years. In fact, HEPA filters were first introduced for use in a laboratory to keep radioactive particles from filtering out into the atmosphere during the creation of the atomic bomb. This World War II invention was declassified after the war and was developed for use in hospitals and other areas that needed to be as clean as possible. Then its availability moved to residential use. The maximum efficiency of the HEPA filter has made it one of the most popular air filters available today.

Industries turn to the industrial HEPA air filter because it is able to capture 99.97% of particulates in the air. These filters can help remove lead, gases, smoke, asbestos, dust, and other contaminants out of the air that is caused by the particular industry's line of work, in addition to removing germs and viruses which can cause workers to miss work and cost the company money in lost time and insurance costs. This is why many companies are turning to using HEPA filters to filter the air in their factories, businesses, and industries. These air filters not only keep their employees healthier, but they also help their bottom line.

There are lots of diverse uses for HEPA air filters. Automobile manufacturers also use HEPA filters extensively. These filters are used to help keep particulates out of the engine so that the engine can work more efficiently. Some kitchen appliances and industrial machines also have built in HEPA filters to help them work better and keep contaminants out of the motor assembly. All of these uses of HEPA filters help the items to have longer lives and be at their maximum efficiency longer.

HEPA air filters are also used in homes around the country. They are great for allergy or asthma sufferers, as well as for people who have a diminished immune system, because they can remove small particulates out of the air that can cause health problems. Many physicians recommend these air filters for their patients because they can help diminish the severity and frequency of allergy and asthma attacks. They are also available in portable models, which make them great for use in cars, offices, or anywhere else.

No matter where you go, there are pollutants in the air. While HEPA air filters can help remove many of the particulates from the air that you breathe, no filter can completely remove every single particle from the air. However, removing 99.97% of the particulates can make a major difference in your health and the health of your employees. That is why HEPA air filters are so popular.