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Replacement Home Air Cleaner Filters

Replacement home air cleaner filters come in different shapes, sizes and styles. Where will you find 14" x 9" home air conditioning filters? What about home air filters that are 4" x 6"? You may be able to find what you want at the grocery store or you may have to go to a store that specializes in air filters. Living in areas of poor air quality raises your need for a quality air filter. You deserve clean air, and your home air cleaner filter is one way to get it.

Do you know what size air filter that your HVAC system uses? That is just one of the things that you will need to determine before you go to the store to buy a home air filter. Home heating and air conditioning filters come in many different shapes and sizes that may be a little overwhelming if you do not know what you are looking for.

Replacement home air cleaner filters are readily available at most home improvement stores, but if you do not know whether you need 14" x 9" home air conditioner filters or home air filters 4" x 6" size, then you are wasting your time and energy going to the store. Just telling the store clerk that you need an air filter will open up many questions that you will need to answer. With a little knowledge, you will be able to walk in the home improvement store and know exactly what you want.

Now that you have the size of the filter that you need determined, you also need to know what kind of filter that you want to purchase that will give you clean air. Home air filters come in several different forms. The one that costs the least is the fiberglass layered air filter. This HVAC air filter is not very efficient though at removing the smaller pollutants and allergens. The pleated air filters have a greater surface area and are able to capture more pollutants than the fiberglass air filter can. The newer HEPA air filter systems are at the top of the air filter list because they can remove up to 99% of the allergens and pollutants. Choosing the type of air filter to give you the best air quality depends upon several factors, including family members with allergies, allergy induced asthma, or other breathing problems.

All home air filters will have a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Rate Value) rating on them. This rating is an industry standard that allows consumers to be able to compare air filters from different companies that have the same MERV rating. The higher the rating, the higher efficiency that the air filter has in capturing pollutants or contaminants. For example, an air filter with a MERV rating of 11 is up to 95% efficient in capturing the particulates that are in the air. If you have family members with allergies, asthma, or other breathing problems then you will want to find an air filter with a higher MERV rating.

Just sticking a house air filter into your heating or air conditioning system will not automatically rid your home of allergens, but it can make a big difference in how severe and how often you experience the symptoms of your allergies or asthma. Regularly changing or cleaning your air filter is essential or you could cause your air system to work too hard, which can in turn cause a malfunction or can cause your electric bill to rise. That is why you need to choose your filter wisely and use it wisely too.

With a little advance planning, your air filter can aid your heating or air conditioning system in keeping you warm or cool all year around. And in keeping your air clean and fresh.